Treating sick and injured pets with diagnostics.

At Animal Medical Center of the Lowcountry, our goal is keeping your pet happy and healthy. Thanks to modern diagnostics and our on-site laboratory, we're able to do just that for sick and injured pets.

Our facility features a laboratory that allows us to evaluate your pet’s health using a variety of advanced testing procedures, to accurately diagnose the condition and find a solution or treatment as quickly as possible. The lab at AMC performs tests such as:

  • Wellness blood panels
  • Coagulation profiles
  • Routine heartworm testing
  • Microscopic evaluations of stool sample, skin scrapes, ear slides, or blood smears
  • Same-Day Results

When you bring your pet to AMC, you won’t have to worry about waiting days or even weeks to get your pet’s test results—our in-house laboratory will help us diagnose and treat your pet’s condition on the same day!

Learn more about our other diagnostic services here:

Xrays for Cats & Dogs

Pet Digital Radiology

Digital x-rays assist in diagnosing illness & injury.

Pet Ultrasound

A non-invasive way to diagnose sick & injured pets.

Pet Echocardiography

Images of a pet's functioning heart.

Pet Allergy & Dermatology

Diagnose and treat skin conditions.

Please call us today at (843) 524-0198 to learn more about our Diagnostic Services.